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Uganda Society of Professional Chemists

The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists is a non-profit organisation that aims to unite chemists and professionals from related fields for the transformation of livelihoods through advancing the chemical sciences. We seek to achieve this aim by implementing our Objectives and providing a wide range of Services to our members and the community.

Our Mission

Committed to improving the standards of the community through transforming the science and practice of Chemistry.

Our Vision

Becoming a global leader in the study, research and promotion of the chemical sciences through advancing chemistry and empowering its practitioners to transform livelihoods.

Brief History

The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists started in 2010 with 10 founder members who had a common mission and vision to advance the chemical sciences in Africa and the world. The Society has grown exponentially to its current membership of over 150 members.

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Member Benefits

Networking: USPC offers a wide range of unique benefits to its members. We place high value on both the professional and personal development of our members, ensuring that contuinued membership always builds the individual or group. All our members have the unique opportunity to develop thier networking skills and personal contacts through our networking programmes.

Services for Members

  • Get Up-to-date industry information
  • Participate in several educational and leisure tours annually
  • Attend all USPC Events at highly subsidised rates
  • Participate in Research activities conducted by the Society
  • Get a unique Publishing platform for your work in our bi-annual scientific journal
  • Services for Industry

  • Get professional advisory and consultancy on a wide range of industry issues
  • cGMP, Health and Safety awareness for the industry workplace
  • Benefit from our cutting-edge research and development on new products and processes
  • Participate in educational seminars and conferences
  • Get accredited and competent employees
  • Research & Education

  • Strengthen innovation through research and technology
  • Guidance to both research and education institutions on policy making
  • Promotion of the attractiveness of the African higher education
  • Partner with funding organisations to provide scholarships to students.
  • Research

    The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists conducts relevant research into and publishes a wide range of issues and challenges facing humankind.

    Embracing Technology in Chemical Analysis

    Uganda Socety of Professional Chemists advocates for utilisation of technological advances to address global challenges. We advocate for use of advanced chromatographic techniques like HPLC, GC, MS to aid forensic investigations, ascertain parentage and detect trace impurities in imported and locally manufactured products. We also engage in market research that is relevant to the chemical professionals, scholars, industrialists and policy makers

    Why Chemical Reactions Occur

    The "why" question can be addressed at two levels, by looking at the thermochemistry of bulk materials and by examining at what is going on at the atomic level and the atom's quest for spherical symmetry.

    1. Thermochemistry of Bulk Materials

    Taking the macroscopic and view that chemistry involves the transformation of bulk substance, we can confidently state that a chemical reaction can feasibly occur when the Gibbs free energy of the system decreases, ie. when (change in)G is negative or less than zero, (change in)G < 0.00.

    The Gibbs function is: (change in)G = (change in)H - T(change in)S

    The Gibbs function, (change in)G = (change in)H - T(change in)S, tells us that the entropy term, (change in)S, is multiplied by the thermodynamic temperature, T, and so the energy dispersion contribution becomes progressively more important as the temperature is increases.

    2. The atomic level and the atom's quest for spherical symmetry.

    The most stable arrangement of [polar] covalent bonds connecting a group of atoms is that arrangement in which the atom with the highest electronegativity be bonded to the atom with the lowest electronegativity."

    Chemical News

    Mbale Forensic Lab

    The Government of Uganda has completed the commisioning of a fully fledged Forensic Laboratory to serve Eastern and Nothern regions of the country.

    Oil Exploration in Masindi
    The Society will be launched in a colorful ceremony shortly after the first AGM.

    International Developments
    We are currently registering new members in all categories of membership.
    Please contact our Membership Desk for more information.

    International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011)

    Through the International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011), the world will celebrate the art and science of chemistry, and its essential contributions to knowledge, to environmental protection, to improvement of health, and to economic development. The Official International Launch Ceremony for IYC 2011 will take place at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 27-28 January 2011. The agenda includes an international seminar, an exhibition, and other related social and cultural events.
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    The Uganda Society of Professional Chemists derives its strength from its membership.

    Corporately, our members provide a pool of diverse skills and experiences that are key in advancing the reputation and vitality of the Society.
    Membership to USPC assures continued professional development and networking opportunities for all our individual members.

    There are several different membership classes depending on the qualifications of the individual.

    Honorary Fellows

    These have made outstanding contribution to chemistry and the community

    Fellows and Associate Fellows

    Thsi is the senior category of membership. They have extensive career progression.

    Members & Associate Members

    The main category of membership; for graduates in the chemical sciences.

    Corporate Members

    This category of membership is for Institutions and other corporate entities.


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    USPC Constitution

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