Being a member of USPC comes with a variety of benefits to individuals, institutions and organizations


Members Benefits

Get up-to-date information about new products, manufacturing methods, analytical procedures, areas of study
Participate in several educational and leisure tours annually. USPC conducts several tours aimed at continued professional and personal development of each of our individual members.
Participate in Research activities conducted by the Society. Members of the Society are offered first priority in heading or participating in several research activities conducted by the Society
Get a unique Publishing platform for your research work in our bi-annual scientific journal. Senior members also participate in reviewing articles submitted for publication.

Benefits for the Industry and SME partners


Acquire professional advisory and consultancy services on a wide range of industrial issues. These include best practices in cleaner production, waste / effluent management systems, material and energy conservation, pollution control, laboratory set-up, recommended equipment and tests etc
Benefit from our cutting-edge research and development on new products and processes.
Acquire accredited and competent employees from our pool of qualified members for free.
Participate in Educational seminars, conferences and workshops organised by the Society.

Research & Education Institutions

Strengthening Science education and scientific work force. USPC provides important inputs for researchers, policy makers on curriculum development and study program design.
Strengthen innovation through research and technology. Through our relevant research projects, we contribute significantly to the increase in scientific knowledge.
Promotion of the attractiveness of chemical scholarship and professionalism to students and parents.
Participate in Educational seminars, conferences and workshops organised by the Society.

Partner with donor organisations to provide scholarships to outstanding students.
Sharing information, resources and services between USPC and other research institutions for the advancement of the chemical sciences.
Develop a large collaborative research network, covering basic research institutes, contract research organisations and smaller enterprises

Public Interest and Government Bodies


Disseminating information on the role of Chemistry and chemical research in solving challenges facing humanity
Providing professional guidance when laws and regulations are being developed and when Government funding priorities are being set.
Conducting research on behalf of the Government.
Advocating for and protecting public interest in utilization and allocation of public resources.

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